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  Try it for 60 days. If you can't SEE the results... if you're not thrilled with the overall change in your appearance as your hair begins to regrow... then simply return the empty bottles for a COMPLETE refund, minus shipping & handling charges.


Questions and Answers

  How much hair loss is normal?

  - It's normal to lose roughly 50-100 hairs per day.

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End The Embarrassing Hair Loss

  In the past it seems that balding cannot be prevent or stop. The hair loss is an embarrassing problem that affects a wide range of men and women. But now the medicials have found the best hair loss treatment system that can restore your lost hair and the confidence you had in the past.

  The reason why Profollica is so popular is because that the hair loss treatment system contains nutritional supplement, gel, and shampoo. Each product works to defeat the hair loss combining the three of them makes Profollica the perfect hair recovery system.

  We put no chemicals in our hair loss treatment system and we stimulate the hair growth in three different ways. The nutritional supplement treats your follicles from within, the gel works to block harmful DHY, and the shampoo revitalizes your hair. It takes only a few weeks to see the effect and about 6 months to see a dramatic hair growth.

  The medical professionals were developing this hair loss treatment system for years. Now they know which ingredients to put in the Profollica's formula to increasing blood circulation, to block DHT, and renew the strength of your hair follicles.

  Profollica is the most effective hair loss treatment product that you'll ever need. Afer using it you'll just ask yourself why haven't you found it earlier.

  Save your embarrassment !!!

Now There's a Natural Way To Stop The Loss of Your Hair

  There's now an alternative that's natural, healthy and doesn't have undesirable side effects. It's ProFollica. The all-natural formulation of ProFollica was developed by trained professionals with years of experience and research in combating hair loss. By combining their own research with other medical and scientific findings they have created the ultimate natural combination for hair re-growth.

  Many of the ingredients in ProFollica work to block DHT, including Saw Palmetto extract, Pumpkin seed extract, He Shou Wo, Beta Sitosterol. Other ingredients work to revitalize the hair follicles themselves. Best of all, this system was designed so that with continued use, it's the only hair loss product that you'll ever need.

Why Do Men Suffer Greater Hair Loss Than Women?

  Although many think balding affects only men, it does acutally affect women as well. Fortunately for women,the effects are generally far less severe than they are in men. So, why do men and women not suffer the same amount of hair loss?

Men and women suffer hair loss for different reasons.

  Hair loss in women is caused mainly by poor diet, excess stress and improper hair care. Men tend to lose their hair as a result of hereditary factors and/or the effects of DHT.

  DHT is responsible for the development of male traits in men. Increased DHT levels in females can lead to the development of male characteristics such as deepened voice, increased muscle size and hair above the lip. It can also lead to increased hair loss.

  Since males have more DHT receptors in their hair follicles than women do they experience greater hair loss. But, since all men have DHT in their system, a curious question emerges. Why do some men suffer hair loss while others don't?

Why does DHT play an important role in hair loss?

  For years the medical community tried to explain why some men have Male Pattern Baldness while others didn't. All previous theories have been disproved. Recently scientists discovered that DHT is responsible for Male Pattern Baldness. That still didn't explain why some men kept their hair.

  Researching further, scientists discovered that men who lost their hair had higher levels of DHT in their system. They also had increased numbers of DHT receptors in their hair follicles. These two things allow DHT to eventually "squeeze the life out" of hair follicles.

  Certain medications were tested, and it was clinically proven that reducing DHT caused hair loss to stop, and hair to start growing again. By using products that reduce DHT production, you have a solid foundation for your hair loss prevention program.

The Profollica 3-step Hair Loss Treatment System

#1 The Daily Supplement:

  Starts working from the INSIDE to fortify the body with a potent series of herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, nutrients, & enzymes intended to help control your DHT production!

#2 Revive Daily Shampoo:

  Promotes healthy hair and scalp while awakening dormant hair follicles back to the anagen "growth" phase!

#3 Activator Gel with Trichogen:

  which is clinically proven to visibly improve hair growth in up to 90% of users, promoting a healthier growth phase while actively blocking the formulation of DHT!

Reported To Reduce Hair Loss In 90% Of Men In A Clinical Trial!

... PLUS -- Produced Hair Growth That 87.5% Of Men Rated As Medium, Good, Or Quite Good!

  Profollica's Activator Gel is now formulated to include the potent DHT-blocker & conditioning agent "Trichogen"!

  Trichogen includes a series of potent extracts that work together to block 5-alpha-reductase from binding with free testosterone to form DHT...

  ... All while providing deep, protective conditioning to both your hair and scalp.

After 112 days of use, clinical trial results showed:

90% of men experienced lower overall hair loss.

87.5% saw hair growth they rated as medium, good, or quite good.

62.5% of participants rated their hair volume as "good" or "quite good".

45% saw reduced hair loss on their pillow.

41% saw reduced hair loss in the shower after shampooing.

24% saw reduced hair loss while combing.

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